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A very Happy Gurpurab to all. Today is the day when Guru Nanak Dev ji came to this world to dispel fog through the light of enlightenment. Guru Nanak Dev’s message is universal, and as various man-made boundaries crumble, the world needs to understand and adopt the Guru’s message of oneness of mankind.

I feel that the youth and the world at large is seeking Guru Nanak’s message and we have to provide it to them through every means possible. Having written “Guru Nanak: His Life and Teachings,” in 2004, I thought that the 2006 Hindi translation would enable it to reach wider audience. It did, and now I thought that I would reach for the cyber world. Today I unveiled a page on Twitter, which is devoted to the teachings of the founder of Sikhism. The venue was the Panjab Kala Bhavan where my publishers, Rupa and Co, are holding a book exhibition.


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The original experience of being in a Gurdwara and listening to Gurbani recitation has no substitute, but it is not possible for many people to go to a Gurdwara, and for many others to understand Gurbani in its original language. That would be ideal, but they can still get the Guru’s word through other languages and in various mediums.

Guru emphasised on “shub karam”. Now, if we look at the cyber world, we see that people are working together, across continents and civilisations without knowing each other physically. What binds them is their work ethic, and the ability to work together. This proves that all too often we are caught up with minor differences that take away our attention from the essential universality of mankind.

Today, we have a cyber sangat that extends the reach of the message far beyond normal geographical limitations. Websites such as, and have brought out various aspects of the Gurus, and Sikh religion, art and culture for the world to see.

When we are in a world which is yet evolving and which is seeking guidance, I feel that Guru Nanak’s message is what the world needs, and that too in simple English for people to understand and follow.

Besides my family and friends, a number of Chandigarhians and some foreign students were present at the event.  THANK YOU ALL.

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