Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary

A very Happy Gurpurab to all. Guru Nanak’s founded Sikhism  and his message is eternal.

Guru Nanak with followers, done in the Kashmiri style, taken from the book, Guru Nanak: His Life and Teachings by Roopinder Singh, published by Rupa and Co, New Delh

As we celebrate his birth anniversary, my mind goes to his bani, in which he answers the question regarding where man comes from and where he goes:

By the Lord’s order he comes
By His order he departs
From ego he is born and from ego he stays
He who surrenders himself to God’s Will is released and remains not in bondage
He meditates on the Word and practises the Name, finding deliverance

Without God’s remembrance life is empty
The Guru’s word dispels ignorance.
Man meets a revered soul if he is so destined
Those dedicated to Hari rejoice in truth
To His will they submit their body and soul.
I, says Nanak, would touch the feet of such men.

Guru Granth Sahib, page 152

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