Sikh Diaspora

Review by the Sikh Diaspora group
Review circulated on the Web by the Sikh Diaspora group, which has members in over a 100 nations round the world.The review has been written by Mr Tejpal Singh Thind of Montreal, Canada

How we present history matters most, events of over five centuries ago mattered, because they happened. No matter how explicitly or accurately history is recorded, inquisitive minds are bound to probe deeper into areas of intrinsic value in terms of constantly evolving perceptions and traditions. Guru Nanak’s underlying aim throughout his life was to bring-about fundamental change in prevailing attitudes; he skillfully used religious reform to oppose injustice, prejudice and discrimination.

Roopinder Singh, a journalist by profession, is the author of Guru Nanak: His Life & Teachings – an enriching travelogue, interspersed with rarely seen colourful paintings from private collections and museums. The quality, meaning and significance of the book, as the author explains is intended “to whet the reader’s appetite for more.” Readers, from diverse persuasions and backgrounds, can trace Nanak’s historic journey that marked the dawning of the youngest religion of the world. Diaspora born-and-raised Sikhs can now relate to janumsakhis as building blocks of Sikhism and help investigate whether their understanding is sufficient to comprehend the essence of spirituality. This book (available only in English) would be of particular interest to those who may not be proficient in reading Gurumukhi.

Dr. Hew McLeod wrote to the author, “Please accept my sincere congratulations on having produced such an impressive work. It deserves to be widely used by parents with children. I am sure that the children will be fascinated by the illustrations which you have chosen and that these will greatly commend the book to their understanding.”

Guru Nanak – His Life & Teachings is a highly recommended reading for any one interested in getting acquainted with the essentials of Sikhism. (Publisher: Rupa & Co, New Delhi )