So, human have rights!

So, human have rights!

Roopinder Singh

The recent endorsement by Chief Ministers of a National Human Right Commission has put back the sparkle in the eyes of those who thrive on commissions.

Here is a possible scenario of a meeting chaired by the Chief Executive (CE) of a state affected by the decision. The meeting was attended by his “high functionaries”, including the Administrative Chief (AC), the Super Cop (SC), and minions 1, 2 and 3 (M1, M2 and M3, respectively):

AC: This is to remind you all that this meeting is in pursuance of the directive of the Prime Minister to review arrangement for monitoring the abuse of human right in our state.

SC: As you are all aware, there are no such abuses in the stare. I will let no one interfere in our war against the terrorists. They have no rights. My boys are doing a wonderful job…

M1: I agree with you, sir. To grant the common people human rights is like giving cake to those who only want bread. The boys are indeed doing a wonderful job, just look at the statistics—we have killed more terrorists than we had even thought existed….

SC: Shut up!

M1: Yes, sir!

CE: Look, I know that my predecessors are to blame for this situation. Various people whose writ has run in the state had no idea of how to tackle the situation. But I have promised at the meeting to set up a panel to review the situation, so let us have some constructive suggestions.

M2: Sir, let us have it under the chairmanship of the former judge who has been talking about human rights for a long time…

CE: You, stupid ass. Don’t forget we had arrested him under TADA and we have just had to release him under pressure. He was the person I was referring to when I said that the “champions of human right” maintained a deafening silence when innocent people were killed by terrorists.

SC: Sir, it is very simple. You can have one of my newly promoted DIGs as the head of this panel. He will know how to handle the issue. After all, he has the experience….

September 24, 1992