It’s Congress!

It’s Congress!

By Roopinder Singh

“It’s just too much,” said my friend. “Wherever you go, you find it impossible to get away it. Like flies. They are everywhere these persistent gadflies.”

“What’s disturbing you so much?” I asked, “this is quite a rant by any standards.”

“Congress…” he said

“Ah!” I butted in, “it is quit true that they can be blamed for most of our ills, but this is the way things are. You never quite know how the world works these days.”

“Look”, my friend reminisced, “I am the first one to admit that all was not quite hunky dory during our days, but at least we did not have these new-fangled problems. We all lived a healthy new, happy life, minded our own business and did not interfere with the lives of one another.”

“That is quite true,” I agreed, “those were the days. So uncomplicated and so basic, we were one with nature.”

“And now looks at what at what we have got into. It is enough to literally bring tears in your eyes. It is the Americans you know, never trust a gift horse, they always say…”

“Yes” I said, “you all find it so convenient to blame everything on the Americans. It is not what the Americans have done which is enough to bring tears in one’s eyes, these is much more to it than that. We have to set our own house in order, the whole nation is in such a mess—constant strife, corruption, scams…everything is going for a six these days. What can we do?”

“I was speaking of congress…” he began. “I know,” I interrupted, “the Congress is the cause of it all. I know that we have to blame them for all our ills since they have governed us for so long, practically since independence, but I am sure that you will be the first one to realise that the other political parties are not any a total overhaul will make things any better…”

“Will you just listen to me?” said my friend in a really exasperated tone. “All I am talking about is congress grass.”

“What,” I asked bemused. “Is this what you were talking about all this while?

“Yes,” said my friend. “We got congress grass with the wheat we imported from the USA, and now these is no way getting rid of this infernal weed.”

“What is it that has cause you to take such interest in this thing?” I asked.

“The doctors say that this is the cause of the eye allergy which my whole family is suffering from,” he replied.

July 10, 1993