Sardarni Malvinder Kaur

Sardarni Malvinder Kaur was an extraordinary achiever, a great leader of people and someone with noteworthy organisational skills…along with these great qualities; she retained a warmth and generosity that impacted those who met her.I count myself to be among those privileged people who happily who orbited around her, basking in the glow of her glory, and feeling the affection that was so natural for her to share with us.

Our association goes back decades. Her son H Kishie Singh, is a dear friend and Sardarni Malvinder Kaur and my parents had a much mutuaal admiration for each other. She stood by me like a rock at my time of need, and I loved to be in her company, often joining Kishie, Neena, Malvika and her for dinner, sometimes with a friend in tow!

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I have no hesitation in asserting that she has placed an indelible mark on my life, and even as she is no more, I remember her for a life lived to the full.

I was my duty to pen down her Obituary that was printed in The Tribune on Friday, October 31, something that I wrote with a heavy heart, thought my fingers found it easy to do the talking–there was so much that I wanted to write about her. Please click here to read about this woman who spanned almost a century, saw the world around her change, she not only adapted, but thrived as new challenges came her way. A remarkable women in every way.

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