Raghu Rai’s Retrospective

The legendary photographer Ragu Rai spent over two hours explaining his photographs and talking about his life and works when I visited Delhi last month. I had gone 250 kilometres just to meet him and see his work; he had the National Gallery of Modern Art opened up just for me!

This is the first time that a National Gallery of Modern Art has marked the retrospective of a photographer. The title of the exhibition is A Journey of a Moment in Time: Raghu Rai and there are 185 photographs that have been exhibited to show the 40 years of this journey.

What a wonderful time I had—the depth of the man and his warmth, as well as Punjabi hospitality that did not allow my brother Ravinder and me to return without having a sumptuous lunch at the India International Centre, in New Delhi. Please click here to read my article and see some of Rai’s photographs.

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