Prayer of the Soul


Japuji Sahib: Prayer of the Soul

By Ranjodh Singh.

Wisdom Collection, Ludhiana. Pages 96. Rs 995.

Japuji Sahib: Prayer of the Soul

JAPUJI Sahib remains Guru Nanak Dev’s most popular composition which has a unique position in the minds of millions of Sikhs as well as the world at large. It holds a special attraction for scholars and devotees, and has been translated into many languages. The author gives the meaning of the text in both Gurmukhi as well as English. An accomplished photographer, he has chosen images on which the text is transcribed with care to appropriately reflect the thoughts expressed in the stanzas on which the text is printed. Paintings by artists like Sobha Singh, Kirpal Singh, GS Sohan Singh and Jarnail Singh have also been used to illustrate the volume. The lavishly printed coffee-table book, the royalties of which go to a charity, will find a place on many a book shelf.

—   Roopinder Singh

This write-up was published in The Tribune on June 26, 2011

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