Historical fiction looks at 1984 anti-Sikh riots

Delhi ’84 by Roopinder Singh

Delhi ’84 by Roopinder Singh

The wounds of the victims of one of the darkest periods of recent history haven’t healed yet, and there is constant struggle to seek closure says an author–journalist whose latest novel has one of the many voices from the 1984 anti–Sikh riots.
The novella, “Delhi ’84” set between the assassination and cremation of then prime minister Indira Gandhi that claimed 3,000 lives is penned by Roopinder Singh, author of “Guru Nanak: His Life and Teachings”.“One has a certain perspective of events one saw. I tried to bring out the broader picture of what happened during that time. What is a bit shocking is that the event hasn’t found that much space in literary world,” Roopinder Singh said in an interview.
“I had a story to tell. It is not autobiographical, but many elements and characters are real people. For those of us who lived through it, it was impossible to understand how this could have been allowed to happen,” he said.
This is the story of Gita, who is caught in the vortex that Delhi became between the assassination and the funeral. As the events unfold, she and her family members have a role to play. They witness what undoubtedly is one of the darkest periods of recent history.
Admitting that the wounds are still fresh who have lost their loved and near ones because the justice hasn’t been delivered, Chandigarh–based Roopinder Singh said this void has led people to seek “closure”.
“We often have this tendency to brush things under the carpet. This work of fiction is an attempt to unlock memories and to connect with the audience the story is woven around the facts,” said the 54–year–old. Roopinder Singh has released an e–book and is in the process of talking to the publishers to get it in print. “Those who have read the book find it very powerful. So hopefully it will be received well,” he concluded. (IANS)

This story, filed by The Indo-Asian News Service from New Delhi on November 24 was widely published in Indian newspapers all over India and abroad.

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