Guru Nanak Gurpurb Greetings

Guru Nanak’s message is eternal. The Guru who founded Sikhism is, indeed now being recognised globally. On the day of his birthday celebrations, let’s affirm our faith in his teachings and try to follow the path he lived and preached.
One of my favourite banis is the following composition where he dwells on the mystery of existence:
Where does he go and where from he comes?
What gives birth to him and what is it that he merges into in the end?
How is he enmeshed and how is he released?
How is he subsumed with the Eternal
He who treasures the Name in his Heart
And repeats the Name on his lips;
He who dwells in the Name becomes free from attachment like the Lord
By the Lord’s order he comes
By His order he departs
From ego he is born and from ego he stays
He who surrenders himself to God’s Will is released and remains not in bondage
He meditates on the Word and practises the Name, finding deliverance
Like birds flocking to the trees at night,
Men come into the world
Some have a peaceful existence, while others live in distress.
Every morning and evening, their eyes wander over the skies
And they roam aimlessly trapped in the cycle of their deeds.
Those seeped in the Name regard this world
As a grazier’s temporary hut in a rain-grown pasture.
The poisonous earthen vessel that contained their passions and anger is shattered
Without God’s remembrance life is empty
The Guru’s word dispels ignorance.
Man meets a revered soul if he is so destined
Those dedicated to Hari rejoice in truth
To His will they submit their body and soul.
I, says Nanak, would touch the feet of such men.

Guru Granth Sahib, page 152

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