Gentleman politician

Good politician is not an oxymoron, though many Indians, indeed most of the world, treats what our political leaders say with a pinch of salt. Much has been written about Captain Kanwaljit Singh, who died in a car accident recently. He was a gentleman who rose above being a mere politician and the outpouring of grief and respect that he received after his death reflects well on someone who has spent a lifetime in public service.
The ninth death anniversary of Jasdev Singh Sandhu is an occasion to remember a multifaceted man who was a political leader of yore, and an old family friend. One of Giani Kartar Singh’s most able lieutenants, Jasdev Singh Sandhu held various positions. A well-read man, he was a storehouse of information and I benefited many a time from the information that he carried in his head. His son, TPS Sandhu and daughter-in-law, Anoopinder Kaur Sandhu, run educational institutions named after him. Please click here to read an article that I wrote about that gentleman politician.

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