Gandhiji’s Grandson

Ramu Gandhi was a brilliant philosopher, a mentor and a guide. He was also the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. I met Ramu when I was a student at St Stephens College, Delhi and he influenced my life in many ways.
In college, we studied Ramu’s book on A N Whitehead, a slim volume whose importance was inversely proportional to its size. It was Ramu’s venture into fiction, Munniya’s Light that made me write about him, and for this interview I met him in Delhi. Please click here to read it.

Last year, I was to write an obituary when I found that Ramu had passed away. Please click here to read it.
Mahatma Gandhi was a great man who did not devote much time to his family. His children were not chips of the same block, but the grandson that I met had many qualities of a great man, and a formidable intellect. As the world remembers Gandhiji, my thoughts go to the only tangible link I had with him, Ramu Gandhi.

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