Dr. Man Singh Nirankari (1911 – 2010)

Dr. Man Singh Nirankari (1911 – 2010) passed away in Chandigarh in the early hours of the morning on May 11, 2010. He was a very dear friend of my parents, and an elder I greatly respected. We will all miss him. Dr Man Singh Nirankari  was the father of Dr Verinder Singh Nirankari, an eminent an ophthalmologist who lives in Maryland, USA, Mrs Aruna Singh who lives in Delhi and the famous theater personality, Dr Neelam Mansingh Chowdhury.

He and his wife Phool ji, moved from Amritsar to Chandigarh in 1997 to be with Neelam and her family—Pushy, Kabir and Angad. His cremation is at 3pm today. I will be writing about him later and you can read it tomorrow.

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