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I have always had to share my mother with not only members of our family, but also thousands of her students, and many of her colleagues. She balanced her life in such a way that family got its time, even as her professional accomplishments demanded more and more from her. At times we wondered how she managed all that, but to children the jump from reading Superman comics to expecting a Supermother was a simple, almost a logical one.

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We have reason to celebrate her life and accomplishments since Doordarshan has made a documentary on her in Punjabi, which lead to a renewal of ties with many, many old friends. Please click here to see the film, which was been broadcast many times over the DD Jalandhar and DD Regional channels since it was originally telecast in July 13, 2009.
TV critic Randeep Wadhera wrote about the programme and its subject  in the Saturday Extra section of The Tribune on August1.   Please click here to read his comments.

  1. R. Rohit Singh says:

    A life well lived. Your parents’ simplicity and great thinking always impressed me. Dear Roopie, after knowing little more about your mom I wonder if we could do and achieve a fraction of what she has……then the life will be well lived for us too! May Waheguru bless her with good health, maintain her clarity of thoughts and give strength to us …her children…to do something that keeps her happy. Love.

  2. rajiv says:

    a most accomplished lady and a marvellous teacher.

  3. I feel privileged to have met Dr Inderjit Kaur in 2003. She had as much fire in her in 2003, when she supported me in a campaign, as she had in her pioneering days. Watching this documentary makes me realise how little I have achieved and how much it must have taken for her achievements. I salute the divine in her.

  4. Rajbir Deswal says:

    Here in Seattle, spending one full hour on Roopinder Singh’s blog, watching the documentary on Mrs Inderjit Kaur, gave me mixed feelings of awe and affection. A teacher-mother will always give one that as experienced by my friend Roopinder when he (naughtily and audaciously) did not write a letter to his mother lest it is received back CORRECTED. Roopinder does this today for the likes of us is altogether a different matter. Thank you friend.

  5. Happie says:

    Roopie it was so good to have seen Madam after such a long time……. Should have met her when I was in Chandigarh. Keep doing this excellent work….

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