Bhai Kahn Singh of Nabha

A pretty young woman looked at me meaningfully, realised that I was unable to recognise her, and came up to my wife and me to introduce herself as the granddaughter of Bhai Kahn Singh of Nabha. We were at a gathering at Whispering Willows, an upmarket commercial farm on Chandigarh’s outskirts on Sunday. “What do you do now,” I asked her. I had not seen anything written by her since she got married a few years ago. “I work as a volunteer in Sikhyaa and another school for slum children,” she said. 

Major A P Singh, her father, continues to dedicate himself to perpetuating the legacy of Bhai Kahn Singh, and among his achievements is a statue in the honour of Punjab’s pioneering encyclopaedist at Nabha who I have long been an admirer of.  Please click here to read my article on Bhai Kahn Singh.

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