Spaced out

Lakhs of Indians loved listening to Worldspace, but that will end with the end of the year. The company has pulled the plug on its service in India, and we feel cheated, since we had subscribed to the service, but instead of music, there will be an eerie silence on the specially manufactured sets that we bought. Anyway, I always focus on more positive things and Worldspace did enrich our lives as we had it, therefore, I chose to remember that in my middle that was published today.

Darpan comes alive

“Darpan,” an autobiography of the late Risaldar Sunder Singh, which portrayed both the society and history of his times (1895-1990), came alive as my mother spoke at the release of the book in Chandigarh. It is, indeed, an honest account of a person who lived his life by values that were far higher than those we see in our times. He risked a lot for the freedom of the country from the British Raj, lost a lot, and never asked for anything, much like his illustrious uncle, Baba Kharak Singh.